World Vision and Hamas

I am following the legal proceedings against Mohammad El-Halabi. Over the years, my family has contributed to World Vision. Discovering that there is a possibility that the money was funnelled to a terrorist organization bent on the destruction of Israel, and violation of my Christian principles is troubling to say the least.

Israeli prosecutors allege $7.2 million a year was being transferred for over 5 years.  If this is true, then I feel betrayed by World Vision and its accounting failures. It would also mean that we have been fueling the ongoing crisis in Israel, Gaza Strip, Lebanon, and Syria. It also means that those funds which were slated to do "good works" have been siphoned off to do evil in the world.

World Vision, and other Christian NGOs should heed this siren call, and keep a better eye on their books. Otherwise funding from Christians like myself will dry up and disappear.