First World War Offiicially Ends

The delegations signing the Treaty of Versaill...Image via Wikipedia
Signing of Treaty of Versailles
The first World War, "The war to end all wars", ended for most of us in 1919 at the Treaty of Versailles. After 92 years, it will end on Sunday. I love military history, but this one eluded me. The article in the Telegraph:First World War officially ends, has more details, and it is an amazing story. Congratulations to Germany for repaying their reparations. I appreciate their tenacity, and sense of responsibility. There are a number of "Allies" which borrowed extensively from the U.S. during both wars that still have yet to pay their debts back. Germany which had many reasons not to do it has "done the right thing".  Unfortunately this lesson in responsibility will be lost on most Americans, especially the current generation.

Congrats Germany (Deutschland) on doing the right thing, and let us all put the "War to end all wars" behind us, and look forward to the future.
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