The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga - Days of the week

The seven spiritual laws and the days of the week for reflection. The book Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga defines the laws as follows:

Sunday -  Law of Pure Potentiality
Monday - Law of Giving and Receiving
Tuesday -  Law of Karma (Cause and Effect)
Wednesday - Law of Least Effort
Thursday -  Law of Intention and Desire
Friday - Law of Detachment
Saturday -  Law of Dharma (Purpose in Life)

Law of Pure Potentiality

Om Bhavam Namah - I am absolute existence.

Thoughts for the Day: Sunday
  1. Cultivate stillness
  2. Commune with nature.
  3. Practice non-judgment.

Law of Giving and Receiving

Om Vardhanam Namah - I am the nourisher of the universe.

Thoughts for the Day: Monday
  1. Practice breath awareness.
  2. Cultivate gratitude.
  3. Acknowledge your needs.
Law of Karma

Om Kriyam Namah - My actions are aligned with the cosmic law.

Thoughts for the Day: Tuesday
  1. Witness your choices.
  2. Consider the consequences.
  3. Listen to your heart.
Law of Least Effort

Om Daksham Namah - My actions achieve maximal benefit with minimal effort.

Thoughts for the Day: Wednesday
  1. Practice acceptance.
  2. Accept responsibility.
  3. Be defenseless.
Law of Intention and Desire

Om Ritam Namah - My intentions and desires are supported by cosmic intelligence.

Thoughts for the Day: Thursday
  1. Be clear of your intentions.
  2. Trust the outcome.
  3. Practice present moment awareness.
Law of Detachment

Om Anandham Namah - My actions are blissfully free from attachment to outcome.

Thoughts for the Day: Friday
  1. Practice detachment.
  2. Embrace uncertainty.
  3. Surrender to the field of pure potentiality.

Law of Dharma

Om Varunam Namah - My life is in harmony with cosmic law.

Thoughts for the Day: Saturday
  1. Attend your silent witness.
  2. Acknowledge your talents.
  3. Serve others.

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